First of all, thank you for taking time. Before we start to explain our magical technology, here's a list of things that superblog does automatically when you create a blog on our platform.

  1. Your blog automatically scores 95+ on Google Lighthouse. 
  2. Your blog automatically scores 95+ on GTMetrix.
  3. Your blog is automatically optimised for SEO audits.
  4. Your blog loads in less than three seconds. 
  5. Your blog's performance remains the same even when there is a huge traffic spike. 
  6. In fact, it can handle upto 1 Million visits, a day. And some more.
  7. Your blog is 100x lighter than a typical wordpress blog.
  8. Your content remains on your brand [by connecting your own domain name].
  9. Your blog is utmost secure because no servers or databases are running to render your blog. 
  10. Your blog gets a free SSL certificate.
  11. Your blog gets a free CDN.
  12. Your blog will automatically pass 40+ common performance audits.
  13. Superblog automatically compresses and resizes your images to improve speed and performance of your blog.
You focus on writing the content, we will take care of the rest. You can save around $800 in developer costs to setup, install, deploy, design and optimise your blog.

It sounds too good! How does superblog work?!
Let us first quickly know how a typical blog works. ​
  1. A request is sent to your server when someone visits your blog.
  2. Your server sends a request to the database.
  3. Appropriate data is sent by the database to your server.
  4. Your server renders the webpage.
  5. The visitor is shown the blog post.

As you can see, there are quite a few steps for a simple thing. All these steps require certain amount of resources and they tend to become slow and expensive.

Superblog's Technology 

It's really straight forward with superblog. 
  1. A request is sent to your server when someone visits your blog. 
  2. ​The visitor is shown the blog post.​

Really. It's that simple, we just skip all the unnecessary steps. This is called JAMStack. Whenever you write a post or edit something or make changes to the settings, superblog will pre-build your entire blog [steps - 2,3,4] and store the simple static webpages in multiple servers located around the globe to serve content intelligently from the server closest to your visitors' location. This saves a ton of time and resources. Superblog was started exactly with this mission to optimise the current web. 

Superblog uses world-class infrastructure to make sure your blog is secure, stable and extremely fast. Infact, your blog is hosted on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Rackspace Cloud with Netlify. Just like Netflix, Airbnb, BBC and many more giants. Superblog itself uses the same technology and this page loads in 0.3 seconds with a 100/100 audit score. You can even check the audits and score by Google and GTMetrix for superblog, they are public!

The content is only going to grow as we move ahead. Superblog with it's static blog [JAMStack] approach wants to make reading and writing experiences super-fast, delightful and secure.