We get it. You got a fancy design for your website and a special font that makes your design fancier. You want your blog to have the same font. But guess what? It might not be the best font for reading. After all, you want your readers to read more. Then, why are you not using a font that is meant for reading?

The science behind Superblog's typography

There is no preset typography for superblog. There are no fonts to choose. You can't use your custom fonts. This is not crazy. Nope. 

You just launched your new superblog which is blazing fast when compared to WordPress or medium but looks pretty clean, modern, and readable. But when you want to choose your own font, you realized that there is no way to do it. 

Superblog is built with one core principle. To create beautiful reading and writing experiences. Fonts are a big part of it. And so the quest of finding the "best" font for reading began. There are tons of articles on which fonts are suitable for blogs. Yes, those are gorgeous. I felt like I should just keep reading those articles. Then again, design is very subjective - the font that I love might not be preferred by you. Or 10,000 other readers. 

What if we use the font to which the reader's eyes got used?

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It makes perfect sense. The reader who comes across your blog must be using their mobile/desktop for a reasonable amount of time. And it's safe to say that their eyes must have gotten used to their system's default font. That's why Superblog picks the font from the readers' devices and applies it to the text. If you are reading this post on Android - you get the 'Roboto' font, Apple - you get the 'San Francisco' font, Windows - you get 'Segoe UI' font.

There's no need for context switching for the eyes, adjusting to the new font - especially when you want your blog posts to be read more. All these factors are even more important if you plan to do content marketing with your blog. 

The next time you pick a font for your blog, don't. Just set the font to system-ui.

A big shoutout to my friend Vivek for his insights to use this approach. You should check out his amazing product.